Kerbs and Edgings

Pressed kerbs

Pressed Kerbs

Pressed kerbs have a
dimpled finish and are dark in colour.

We stock 3 sizes which are available in
3’ lengths and also 18” and 12” pieces

7” x 4”     8” x 4”       10" x  5"


10” x 5” (County Council roadside kerbs)

Dropper & Bullnose Kerbs

10” x 5” Dropper Kerbs (for footpath entrances)
6” x 5” Bullnose kerbs (For footpath entrances)

Quadrant Kerb

Pressed kerbs are suitable for laying on their edge or on their flat, and are more suitable for areas where lawnmowers might be used

Plain Kerbs

Plain Kerbs

Plain Kerbs are available in 3 sizes, have a
smooth finish and are white in colour.

These are available in 3’ lengths

8” x 4”                7” x 4”              6” x 5”




        Rope Edge KerbPlain Garden Edge Kerb & Scallop Edge Kerb

3 Types of Garden Edge Kerbs we can supply are:

6” x 2” Plain Top (3’ Length)
6” x 2” Scallop Edge (2’ Length)
7” x 1” Rope Edge (17,5” length)



Dwarf Wall Kerb:

Dwarf Wall Kerb

15” x 3.5” (3’ Length)


Channel Kerbs:

Channel Kerb

Channel Kerbs are made in
2 sizes, 8” x 4”, and 6” x 3” (3’ Length)

They have a dish shaped top, and channel the water towards another location.



Drainage Kerbs:

Drainage Kerb

Drainage Kerbs
are available in one size, 7.5”, 7.5” (3’ Length)

They have a slight dish shape on top with a slit to allow draining into the 4” centre. These are suitable for entrances providing they have sufficient concrete backing.