Paving Flags:

Circular Design

Rotunda Circle White




Rotunda Circle (White)


A circular design is available up to different sizes.
The most standard size can be squared off at 12’, however,
2 further rings can be made to give almost 17’ of a diameter.
(Corner sets not available for this bigger size)
Circles are available in Black, Sandstone, or Grey

Derby Stone


Derby Stone Paving

Derby Stone Paving

A Derby Stone pattern is available in Grey, this comprises of 3 different sizes of flags: 18” x 18”, 18” x 9”, 18” x 27”
(Layout of pattern available at our office)

Square Flags

Natural Stone (Rounded Edge)

Slate Paving Flags (Straight Edged)

18” square flags are available in 2 finishes:
Straight edge, or rounded edge.
There are 3 colours, plain (grey), black or sandstone (Red no longer available)




Stepping Stones

Stepping Stone

Stepping Stones available at 12” and 18” diameter in black, sandstone or grey

Pressed Flags

Pressed Paving Flag

For a more plain look,
we can supply pressed flags at
2’ x 2’ or 3’ x 2’.

Pressed Flags

16” pressed flags are available
with a rippled pattern on top, these are available in
3 colours: plain (grey), black or sandstone.